jonathan-rossWell, for once, Peter Molyneux must be really happy, since it’s not him spilling the beans on a top secret project. Instead, it’s TV presenter Jonathan Ross who revealed that Fable III is in the works, without knowing that it was actually a secret. Strange gaming world, let me tell you that!

Ross, who goes on Twitter under the name of Woosy, posted a little entry: “Goodnight all. Must go to bed. Got asked to do voice in Fable 3 tonight. Subarashi. Oyasuminasia. Woss out,” just after returning from the BAFTA awards (btw, you can see the full list of winners here).

You can imagine that following this completely unexpected announcement, a cascade of questions started to pop and apparently Mr. Ross understood that he had made a mistake. Here are a few excerpts from his Twitter, in case you are too lazy to look them up:

ScottRhodie: “@Wossy What Fable 3!!!?!? Has it been confirmed?”
Wossy: “@ScottRhodie yes they are doing it. Charlie Brooker said he would do a voice for it to ! Great fun !!”
Wossy: “Good morning. Today i must file DVD’s, write a piece for The Times, apologize to Peter Molyneux then go Thorpe Park for SAW rollercoaster !”
Oilcan: “@Wossy Why do you have to apologise to Molyneux?”
Wossy: “@oilcan because I think I revealed something that was not officially announced yet…”
RossSanty: “@Wossy y u need to apologize to peter molyneux??? Cuz u let slip about fable 3??”
Wossy: “@RossSanty yes. No. there is no Fable 3. I don’t know. help me.”

We’d love to help, but we can’t. Fable III exists, it’s confirmed and probably it will feature Jonathan Ross’ voice. That IF Microsoft isn’t extremely upset right now…


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