xbox-baby1Pranksters seem to be running out of ideas if they go for such low and despicable things like spamming people with announcements regarding the sale of a two-year old girl over Xbox Live. But it is unfortuantely true and it happened to 23 year-old mother Christa Manos.

The woman started receiving angry phone calls from over the United States from people who thought the announcement was real, people threatening her and probably saying all sorts of nasty things. Probably because people can’t either judge for themselves and realize that it couldn’t have been anything BUT a bad joke.

“I don’t find anything funny about it,” said the mother who also considers that she knows who is responsible for the prank. If caught, the perpetrators could face criminal use of information charges. Hopefully they will catch them (or he, or she or whatever) and the poor mother will now receive phone calls from people apologizing for being so naive.