Airline Sued for $1 Million Over Loss of Xbox Console

Airline Sued for $1 Million Over Loss of Xbox Console

xbox-360A Yale University student seems to love his console (just like we all do, after all) and is asking the US Airways for $1 Million in damages over his lost Xbox 360. According to the student, the console was lost (or stolen) back in December and since then he got from the airline “an unconscionable run-around”. Now he wants to get some money, too.

Therefore, he is asking a mere $1,700 for the Xbox 360 itself, but the maximum damages allowable – $1 million. “That thing was my DVD player,” the student said, which is quite strange. Can you feel the pain he’s going through, though?

Unfortunately, he might stay with the pain: a US Airways spokeswoman said that the government limits liability for lost luggage to $3,300 per bag. In other words, don’t carry anything too expensive with you on the plane, kids, or the government will screw you up. Together with the airline company, of course.

One thing makes me wonder: the Yale University student said that his Xbox 360 had a “specialized hard drive”. What does that mean? And, most important – what do you think: how much is your favorite console worth? More than a mil or less?