With Fable II being so highly anticipated and grabbing good reviews, it is natural to hear that many people rushed to pre-order the Collector’s Edition which had to be packed with goodies. However, even though some stuff has been cut off the package like the Hobbe figure or the packaging box, there appears to be more missing. Is it all turning into a huge mess?

According to Joystiq, there are some Fable II Collector’s Edition packs that lack the cards required for the in-game DLC. Apparently this only happened to GameStop customers and the problem can be solved if you’re going to contact a specific phone number, but I doubt anybody wants to wait for the card to be shipped to them instead of receiving it from start.

So, if you’re one of the Fable II Collector’s Edition buyers, make sure to check that your case bears a “48 hours of LIVE” orange sticker, otherwise you might find out that your package is incomplete. There is no official word from Microsoft on the matter right now, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as something new pops out.