A Tehnicolor employee was busted while trying to sell loads of Gears of War II and Fable II DVD disks, after initially stealing them from the production-distribution facility he was working for. Or maybe he just failed to understand the correct meaning of that “distribution” thingie…

The employee, Rodney Gray, stole 100 copies of the game and prepared to grab the money. He was however caught by police forces while carrying a bag with 31 games inside – the games that he stole. The dude admitted that he stole the DVDs from Tehnicolor, but this was not the biggest surprise: when police went to investigate Gray’s house, they found there over 800 DVDs! The police report does not specify, however, if the disks were copies of GoW and Fable or other games. However, the DVDs are valued at more than $100,000.

Even more, the police reports investigations for another man who supposedly stole video games from Tehnicolor and sold them. However, no details were given on this matter and it was not mentioned if Gray and the other employee were working together. However, Tehnicolor seems to be quite unlucky on this matter.


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