PlayStation 3 owners who are still sad to hear that the first GTA IV DLC is coming early next year to Xbox 360 consoles have a few reasons for joy since their exclusive BioShock DLC is available for purchase already on the PlayStation Network for $9.99, bringing new challenges and game modes!

Fully named BioShock PS3 Challenge Rooms Add-On Content Pack, the downloadable expansion pack brings two new play modes – Challenge Rooms and New Game Plus. The Challenge Rooms are puzzle rooms where a Little Sister awaits to be rescued. It’s not going to be an easy job, though, since you’ll have to either defeat a Big Daddy (while carrying no weapons) or survive consecutive rooms of Splicers.

New Game Plus, as its name subtly suggests, allows for a new supercharged start of the game. This means that you can restart BioShock with any weapons, abilities and inventory items that you have collected during your previous play. It will probably make the game a bit easier, but it will surely be more fun, too!


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