I’ve heard a fair share of stories regarding gaming marathons that ended horrible (the most recent being an Wrath of the Lich King marathon), but until now I’ve never heard medics to invent new diagnosis. Until now. Because a 13 years-old Italian boy has been diagnosed with “PlayStation Addiction” according to website Ananova.

The 13 years old boy was rushed to the hospital after enjoying his new PlayStation console (probably PS3) in a gaming marathon that caused him severe problems. It was that bad that the youngster was not able to speak or even understand what was going on around him. The medical staff first thought he was suffering from a stroke or a severe brain disorder. But later they sorted the problem and created the first video game diagnosis: PlayStation Addiction (and, if it will ever become official, the doctors will surely be surprised to find out that millions of people have it!)

Eventually everything went back to normal for the 13 years-old, but he promised he will never put his hands on a game console again. I remember saying that after a few sleepless nights myself. However, I always took care to sleep, eat and take regular breaks from gaming. You know… if you bought it, it’s your game and it’s not going anywhere, so always value your health more than the urge to get to the next level ASAP.

[Image credits: BBC]


  1. We can be addicted to anything… so as long as we are responsible and as you say for instance by sleeping, eating and taking regular breaks from gaming it should not be a problem, but go and try to explain that to kids… my 9 years old was getting addicted to xbox live….

  2. Wow. I’m a gamer, and I’ve done gaming marathons (the last one was a 24 hr Warhawk Marathon, which ignited my blog mostlychaff.com), but I would never die from gaming. I know when to stop. People that die from these things are simply weak.

    You know what the treatment for “Playstation addiction” is? Playing football outside. Go jog. Go EAT! Don’t be such a weakling where you have to be rushed to the hospitable for sitting on your couch all day.


  3. Fortunately, the youngster did not die and probably learned his lesson (and he will at least be a bit more careful in the future). And your advice, WarhawkFAN (as well as Prisqua’s) should be taken into consideration by both parents and gamers all ages.


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