This little marketing campaign from Microsoft will certainly be remembered for a while, since the parents of the popular Xbox 360 console have did it again, worse than Britney in the good ol’ times: they are unintentionally promoting Sony’s PlayStation via their most recent ads.

The campaign image, discovered by Dutch PS3 Life website, shows two kids playing happily their PlayStation console, while Microsoft’s text encourages the viewers: “Play games. In Windows Vista, the Games Explorer helps you find, start, save and remove games quickly and easy”. And no, it’s certainly not a feature that allows Vista users to save or remove PlayStation 3 moves. It’s just a little gaf, a very funny one indeed.

Although we can’t help but wonder how does Nintendo feel for being left out or if Microsoft will pay for an advertising campaign for big N, we should note that Sony is not a stranger to marketing mistakes either, like using PGR3 on the PlayStation Store for example. So… things happen, it’s true. But still, they are really hilarious!