The GTA IV DLC was supposed to be out this Christmas to offer Rockstar and Microsoft a big holiday boost, but it wasn’t bound to happen. So, with everybody waiting to hear when will Rockstar finally bring us the downloadable content, it was USA Today who found out the answer: in February 2009, on the 17th!

The first Grand Theft Auto DLC will be titled “Lost and Damned” and it will star Johnny Klebitz, a member of Liberty City biker gang The Lost, according to the article. The good thing (and we were expecting something like that from Rockstar) is that we’re promised to receive with Johnny a very different character than Niko that will show us a completely different side of Liberty City. Unfortunately, no further details on the story were given.

We’re wondering now how will Microsoft react to the fact that they’ll finally get their so much wanted DLC and, even more, it’s worth checking if this announcement will have a boost in GTA IV Xbox 360 copies sold this Christmas. Either way, one thing is sure: all the fans should be extremely pleased now to hear that the Lost and Damned downloadable content is closer than ever.