Halloween Candy is here in FarmVille, brought to you by Zynga and the recently released Haunted House. Even though the feature has not been fully rolled in, I have decided to already share a post with you about the FarmVille Halloween Candy with everything we know about it and update it when necessary for a complete guide of this new item.

So… what is the FarmVille Halloween Candy?
It’s a new item we can collect in multiple ways from the Haunted House. How to get more candy? There are three ways:

1) build a Haunted House yourself and collect daily the amount connected to the size of your house
2) visit your neighbors and collect daily from their haunted houses
3) be quick and get the Halloween Candies from the Facebook wall when somebody posts a bonus.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the bigger your Haunted House is (read the guide linked to above to find out more), the more Halloween Candy you get:

– Eerie: 1 Halloween Candy
– Frightening: 2 Halloween Candy
– Spine-Chilling: 3 Halloween Candy

What is this Halloween Candy good for? Even though the official data is yet to be confirmed, we are 99% sure that this new item will be used to redeem prizes via an upcoming Halloween holiday basket – stay tuned as we’ll post the prizes as soon as we have them! Until then, just collect as much candy as you can!

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