Zynga is slowly rolling in the Haunted House in FarmVille for everybody and in order to build this awesome structure, you will need a total of 40 building materials of the ones listed below. Therefore, it can never hurt to be prepared and ask your friends for more Haunted House materials – fortunately I have the gift links for you.

Unlike previous times when I shared with you the gift sending links, I will now share the gift request links, meaning that clicking any of the links below will allow you to ask your friends for a specific Haunted House building material! This way, it will be even easier for you to build the structure. So here are the request links for the Haunted House:

Haunted House Nail gift link
Haunted House Brick gift link
Haunted House Wooden Board gift link

However, if you prefer to do it the old way, I have the classic “send” links for you, one click away:

Nail gift link
Brick gift link
Wooden Board gift link

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