Complete Guide to the FarmVille Haunted House

Complete Guide to the FarmVille Haunted House

Haunted Houses are here in FarmVille, preparing everybody for a massive Halloween party and bringing in the spook to Zynga’s game. In this article I will share with you everything you need to know about this new building – a complete guide to the FarmVille Haunted House!

How to get the FarmVille Haunted House?
You receive it automatically when you start the game (if you don’t get it, just be patient as the update is being slowly rolled in) and you can either place it on your farm or store it. If you place it, you’ll be ready to build it and remember: the scarier the Haunted House is, the more candies you get (check out the image to the left to see the build screen of the Haunted House).

As you can see, the Haunted House has three tiers of scary that require more and more materials to reach. Here are the requirements to build all the scary levels of the Haunted House:

– Eerie Haunted House: 8 each of Wooden Boards, Nails and Bricks
– Frightening Haunted House: 10 each of Wooden Boards, Nails and Bricks
– Spine-Chilling Haunted House: 12 each of Wooden Boards, Nails and Bricks

This means that in order to reach the Spine-Chilling level, you’ll be needing a total of 30 of each building materials, which seems a lot right now! Fortunately, you can get Haunted House Wooden Boards, Nails and Bricks by having your neighbors gift them to you, through Special Delivery Boxes, or by purchase in the Market. Or you can use the Haunted House gift cheat to make it work!

Fortunately, the Haunted House in FarmVille is not just a decoration, but you can also get some goodies from it: collect every 24 hours Halloween Candy in two ways: either by collecting from your own haunted house or by visiting and collecting from your neighbors’ haunted houses.

For now, Zynga didn’t tell us what will the Halloween Candy be used for, but promised us they will reveal that soon – and we should collect just as much as possible until then! So good luck building the Haunted House in FarmVille.

This is the first Haunted House guide to hit the net, so please share it with your friends to let them know everything about the FarmVille Haunted House!

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sandie heiss

most of my friends got their haunted house and are almost finished,i have not even gotten mine yet to start,this seems unfair. when will i get mine? please let me know so i too can join in the game. thankyou