You might have noticed that Mafia Wars gives 2X boost in every city in the game while you’re doing jobs. This randomly drops but the rate is high enough that you’ll probably get it often. You can also send the 2X Boost to members of your mafia.

Getting 2X Boost will make leveling a piece of cake. It gives you 2X Mastery Rate on the next job. You can get it either through a random drop or through gifting. When you opt to share the 2X Boost to your friends, a popup will appear with a list of three to four mafia members. The list is predetermined.

The 2X Boost will be used on the next job attempt. Take note that it would be used even when you already mastered the job. So you must keep this in mind the next time you get one. You can only accept five boosts each day.

As always some people encountered bugs with the 2X Boost. Some say it doesn’t give them twice the Mastery points. Have you encountered a problem with the 2X Boost in Mafia Wars?


  1. Mine doesn’t work but I don’t find this surprising as I’ve never had a day when Mafia Wars didn’t produce an error. The writers seem to have an idea but no skill to implement it. Can you imagine if they worked for the Pentagon? We’d all be speaking Russian or Chinese.


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