Mafia Wars decided to update its Declare War feature. In the past, players can only declare war among their mafia members. I didn’t use this feature before. Who it their right mind want to battle their own friends, right?

Good news warmongers. Zynga now allows players to declare war with anyone. No more backstabbing friends while they’re offline. But before going to War, be sure to have the best Top Mafia. Fill the six positions with your strongest mafia members. Certain positions can only be filled by certain classes.

  • Mastermind (more XP from jobs) – any character
  • Wheel Man (reduced Energy usage) – Fearless only
  • Button Man (increased Attack) – Maniac only
  • Bodyguard (increased Defense) – any character
  • Safecracker (more money from fights) – any character
  • Bag Man (more money from jobs) – Mogul only

Now you can declare war on any Mafia Wars players by going to the Fight page. Aside from the Fight button, you’ll also see a Declare War one. When you click on the button, you will be brought to the War page and a pop up will appear that would let you ask for help from your friends.