Aunt List Part II of V requires you to harvest the Potatoes you’ve already planted in Part I of the Aunt List goals. That means you need to complete Part I within four hours before the Potatoes are ready to be harvested. That way you don’t need to plant another set of Potatoes.

The requirements for Part II of V are:

  • Harvest 60 Potatoes
  • Tend 20 Neighbor Potatoes

Just like in part one of Aunt List you need the cooperation of at least four friends to accomplish the second task of the goal. To be a good neighbor, you can plant five Potatoes in your homestead and just leave them there. Don’t worry about them withering. As long as there are players doing the Aunt List Part 1 and 2, your Potatoes will always be tended.

When you complete Aunt List Part II of V, you get 50 XP as reward. You can also share 40 XP to your friends. Then you unlock Part 3 of the series, which we will discuss in a future post. So stay tune.