For a short while now, Zynga has launched in Cafe World a series of goals you must complete in order to keep the game fun and entertaining, and also to receive some rewards from the developers. Although the list of goals keeps expanding, I am sharing with you a complete list of Cafe World goals (at the moment of writing) and their requirements:

1. Basic Bean Cafe World Goal:
– serve 24 cups of Cup o’Joe
– serve 16 cups of Decaf Coffee

2. Barista Blast Cafe World Goal:
– serve 24 Turkish Coffee
– serve 18 cups of Dark Roast
– serve 8 cups of Gourmet Blend

3. Best on the Block Cafe World Goal:
– Purchase 3 Grass clumps
– Purchase 1 small spring tree

4. Corner Cafe Cafe World Goal:
– Upgrade to the Corner Cafe Expansion
– Visit 8 neighbors

5. Elegant Simplicity Cafe World Goal:
– Purchase 2 simple tables
– Purchase 4 simple chairs
– Purchase 2 simple round windows

6. Espresso Excellence Cafe World Goal
– Serve 15 cups of Double Espresso
– Serve 16 cups of Espresso Americano
– Serve 18 cups of Depth Charge

7. Fast as Lightning Cafe World Goal
– Build a lighting super stove
– Serve Corndogs 20 times
– Serve Atomic Buffalo Wings 20 times

8. Flip Some Burgers Cafe World Goal
– Serve Bacon Cheeseburger 10 times
– Clean 10 stoves

9. Go Taste Testing Cafe World Goal
– Have 3 friends accept neighbor requests
– Use 3 Free Gifts
– Complete 3 Eat Missions

10. Latte Lover Cafe World Goal
– Serve 30 cups of Cafe Cortado
– Serve 40 cups of Cappucino
– Serve 27 cups of Vanilla Latte

11. Quaint Cafe Cafe World Goal
– Upgrade to the Cafe Quaint Expansion
– Visit 5 neighbors

These are the current Cafe World goals, but as I’ve said, the list keeps expanding. If you know anything about new Cafe World goals, don’t hesitate to write them down in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share your opinion about the introduction of goals in Cafe World!