The Ancient Relics Event in Mafia Wars has been followed by the release of a brand new series of Crates: the Egyptology crates, and I am 100% sure that you’re really curious to find out what can be found inside these cool new crates. So let’s waste no more time and let’s find out!

So, inside the Egyptology Crates in Mafia Wars you can find any of the following loot items:

Amenhoteps Khopesh (42 attack 82 defense): common
Nefertitis Flail (86 attack 59 defense): uncommon
Anubian Cultist (76 attack 76 defense): common
Tutankhamun Mask (65 attack 104 defense): rare
Amon Ra’s Barge (82 attack 45 defense): common
Scythe Chariot (80 attack 80 defense): uncommon
Sun Spider (61 attack 85 defense): uncommon
Alexandrian Lion (104 attack 68 defense): rare

You can purchase your Mafia Wars Egyptology Crates at the following rates: 12 RP for 1 Crate or 30 RP for 3 Crates.

What will you do? Will you get any of these special crates or not?