A few days ago, I was telling you that the Ancient Relics event is going to go live soon in Mafia Wars. Today is the big day and, since it’s a mighty big event, I have decided to create a complete guide to help you understand everything about the Ancient Relics Event in Mafia Wars, so read on if you want to be the best!

The Ancient Relics Event in Mafia Wars is a gifting event that plans to “shake up what you think you know about the game”. In other words, you will play this event for a chance to collect and master 3 Ancient Relics gifts and win a grand prize. Every few days, new gifts will be unlocked in Mafia Wars (the already announced gifts Mayan Calendar, Aztec Knife and Inca Mask) and players will have to collect as many as possible to gain mastery for each gift.

In order to get these Ancient Relic gifts in your account, you have 3 possibilities: get them from the Wall posts of your fellow mafia members (but there’s a limit of 3 per day), receive them as free gifts or find them randomly while doing jobs or fighting. All in all, you need a total of 28 items of each gift in order to reach the maximum mastery level (gold).

Every player who manages to get the gold mastery level for all the three gifts in the Ancient Relics event will also receive the super item Leopard Tooth (138 Attack, 105 Defense). You can also repeat the event, once fully mastered, two more times, so make sure you have a solid mafia to help you out!

Additionally, every time you reach a mastery level for each of the gifts, you will receive a special item. Below you can check them out, for each mastery level:

Mayan Calendar Mastery Item: Gecko
Bronze Mastery stats: 44 Attack 65 Defense
Silver Mastery stats: 48 Attack 69 Defense
Gold Mastery stats 52 Attack 73 Defense

Aztec Knife Mastery Item: Eviscerator Boots
Bronze Mastery stats: 68 Attack 47 Defense
Silver Mastery stats: 72 Attack 50 Defense
Gold Mastery stats: 76 Attack 53 Defense

Inca Mask Mastery Item: Pack Hunter
Bronze Mastery stats: 51 Attack 70 Defense
Silver Mastery stats: 54 Attack 75 Defense
Gold Mastery stats: 58 Attack 80 Defense

Pretty cool items: do you think you can get the Gold Mastery Rewards for this Mafia Wars Ancient Relics Event?