Well, if there were doubts until today, things are going to change: Zynga has announced that the upcoming English Countryside expansion for FarmVille will actually be a second farm for us to manage! It was asked by players for a long, long time now to have a new farm to take care of and only now Zynga decided to accept the challenge and deliver, potentially changing FarmVille forever.

The announcement was made via an in-game letter (you can check it out in the left corner) that read: “You’ll love having a second farm in the English Countryside! The soil here is so rich and fertile. You can master crops much faster. ”

There’s also a PS, which is really important: “Get more nails, boards and bricks from your friends. They will help you get started there,” meaning that we’re going to have to build things as soon as the English Countryside is launched in FarmVille. And what an exciting update that will be!