Buletstorm has been launch and, as expected, it’s a really cool first person shooter. Even better, it has barely any problems like crashes and freezes, which makes it a real surprise in the gaming world of today. However, some users are complaining that they’re receiving a Failed to Initialize PhysX error message in Bulletstorm (the complete error being something like “Failed to Initialize PhysX Hardware Acceleration FATAL ERROR – EXITING”) when they want to start the game. In this article, I will share with you a few tricks to try and solve this problem the game has.

Forum user brunothebardber has a possible (and very complex) solution for this problem:

Install the latest NVidia drivers, which installs a bunch of phsyx DLL files here:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common

Copy all the DLL files from there and paste/overwrite the Bulletstorm LOCAL Phsyx DLL files (to a path similar to the one below, if you Install by Steam):

D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\bulletstorm\Binaries\ Win32\PhysXLocal

and for safe measure here as well:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\bulletstorm\Binaries\ Win32

This fixed the problem and I hope it helps you!

If not, you can try the second possible solution listed below:

1. Delete the StormEngine.ini in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\My Games\BulletStorm\StormGame\Config
2. Open the BaseEngine.ini with Notepad in \Bulletstorm\Engine\Config
3. Press STRG+F paste this: bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=True
4. Click on search
5. Change the value from True to False, like this: bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=False
6. Close notepad and save the file.
7. Try to start Bulletstorm

I hope that you manage to fix the Bulletstorm PhysX error message and enjoy the game!


  1. In step 4 its finds nothing because in the notepad everything on some kind of wierd language >(杺㰴㨤㴹䴿崩葮ĝ咇㼒) i installed the game on Russian…

  2. If you have the same problem, you must install the game dont patch or update.first change the baseEngine next you can patch or update.

  3. INI files are Encrypted in the game.

    Search NET for this:


    copy that to the folder where the INI files are.

    Drag an INI file ontop of the inicrypt.exe to unencrypt it. Then you can EDIT the ini file. Once you save your INI file Changes. Close the INI and then DRAG it again to the inicrypt.exe to reencrypt it. If you don’t the Bulletstorm game will not run.

    My post above – you will only need to drag over the physxloader.dll and not all of them.

    From: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common to
    your C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\bulletstorm\Binaries\ Win32\PhysXLocal

    The reason I do not do the INI is because I will want to use Physx later and want it enabled.

  4. GFWL/PHYSX Bulletstorm Solution Found. Notice to EPIC, EA, People can Fly and STEAM

    c:\windows\syswow64\nxcooking.dll to nxcooking.dll.old

    or RENAME
    c:\windows\system32\nxcooking.dll to nxcooking.dll.old

    May have to re-Validate files in STEAM

    Solution is here:
    Working Fix for GFWL and PhysX issues

    Thanks to User: EPIC♥♥♥♥♥

    www bulletstormforum com / bulletstorm-pc / 750-working-fix-gfwl-physx-issues . html

    Nice that the little man can fix it but not the several Huge Companies that are involved. Don’t expect any more purchases EPIC since you can not figure it out yourself.

    Really, How hard is it to DEBUG this….? Unacceptable and Shame on you all.

    Today, 12:36 PM #4

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    What is nxcooking.dll
    Nxcooking.dll is a DLL component of PhysXCooking_FC5, created by the AEGIA Technologies, Inc..It belongs to the PhysXCooking Dynamic Library. These errors originate from the software that is installed on the system. Nxcooking.dll is used by computer games like “Bioshock” which make use of heavy graphic resources. Gamers experience error related to the file such as

    “Nxcooking.dll Not Found”

    “This application failed to start because nxcooking.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

    “Cannot find [PATH]\nxcooking.dll”

    “The file nxcooking.dll is missing.”

    The error messages may appear when using or installing certain applications, while starting or shutting down Windows or while Windows installation.

    Problems with the Nvidia device driver, hardware failure, virus or malware infection or problems in the registry can be the reasons for the error. Nxcooking.dll Nvidia Driver errors fix is important so as to save the computer from further damage as it can affect the system’s optimal performance and also make certain programs inaccessible.

  5. Error no longer occurs. Instead, the game will not even turn on. No reaction when attempting to start playing a game.


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