NEXON American announced today the launch of a major update pack for Dragon Nest. This pack will include a series of new maps, costumes for Halloween, special holiday quests and additional mini games. The company revealed that most content included in this patch will be available only for players who have reached the level cap:

Beginning today, veteran players who have reached the Max Level (60) will have access to a wide variety of new content, including a new Desert Dragon Nest. (…) Just in time for Halloween, special holiday-themed costumes, items and rewards will also be available to players based on the amount of time spent in game.

A new dragon lair has been added to the game, the Desert Dragon Nest, which allows players to explore and adventure into three new zones and seven gates, such as the Dry Mirage Garden and the Desert Dragon Temple. The new zones reveal a great difficulty, however the loot is very rewarding and currently the most powerful in game.

The mini game features will receive two new additions, the Find Ed’s Jar and Break the Cactus, which reward players with fantastic prizes.