If you’re having trouble finishing the Dracula Palace Escape escape the room game, this is your lucky day since I managed to find a complete walkthrough for you, one that will help you complete the game in no time. So, in order to quickly finish the game, check out the step by step guide to finish Dracula Palace Escape.

Full Dracula Palace Escape walkthrough:

– click the right pillow and get a key under it
– click the locked chest in front of the fireplace and open it with the key, move the wooden blocks and get the digger from behind the chest.
– click the fireplace and get a wood with fire
– go to the other room next to the bed and light the torches on the wall with your piece of lighted wood, and get the shovel from behind the torches.
– click the chest on the right and smash it with the digger and get the mirror.
– click the fireplace full of skulls on the left and get 3 skulls and a bone.
– go to the room on the left and move the wooden blocks next to the grave and dig the soil with your shovel to find a sand bag, click it and get the red key .
– click the grave and unlock it with the red key and use the digger on the left part of the cover to open the grave
– click the candle holder next to the grave and take the 5 candles
– go to the bedroom and smash the lamp on the wall next to the bed with the bone and get a key
– use the key on the bedside table and get the book
– open the book and tear off the page with the cross.
– click the mirror in your inventory to open it, put the page with the cross onto it and smash it with the bone.
– collect the glass pieces and click them to open them in your inventory and try to form a cross with them like a puzzle.( dont have to be exact , just do it in the middle and when you close the window it appears in your inventory)
-go to the room with grave and place the cross onto the grave, around the middle top-under the mask.
– get the sword and go to the bedroom and use it onto the curtain above the bed to get a piece of cloth
– combine the sword with the piece of cloth
– place the skulls onto the fireplace and put the sword on top of them to heat it
– get the hot sword and go the evil statue to get his heart out with it
– take the heart and place it into the grave and close it with the digger.
– put the 4 candles onto the grave and the last candle onto the evil statue where you take the heart out
– click the last candle and you are out

Thanks to Delight for creating this great walkthrough!