Warsaw’s Mission: Bielany (both Episode 1 and 2) is a wonderful game created by Nitreal and probably their best game to date. However, it is a rather lengthy and difficult game so you might have problems finishing it. However, I managed to find a wonderful review to share with you, a complete Warsaw’s Mission: Bielany guide giving us step by step instructions to finish the game. Have fun!

Full Warsaw’s Mission: Bielany Episode 2 Walkthrough:

go to Cafe Entrance
turn left, zoom Objects by Wall to get hook
back to Driveway
choose Church Entrance, then Back of Church, turn right and zoom Behind the Grave
take cable, and combine with hook
back to Church Entrance, Driveway, and zoom on Donkey
use hook/cable 3 times to get keys
back out, Church Entrance, Back of Church, Back of Church, and use keys on Back Entrance
Side Room, then take candle from Altar
turn left to zoom Candle and get matches, combine matches with candle to light it
turn around (right of Altar) to find Storage Compartment and get strange herbs
back to Interior, turn left to enter Jazz Cafe
turn left, go to Exhibition
after scene, click Window, then back to Cafe, then Back of the Cafe to get ladder
back to Exhibition, use ladder on Window
(side note: if you look back toward where you came in, there’s a guy with a cane under the stairs. I didn’t see him at first and he freaked me out)

choose Path, then Forest, then talk to Agent One

turn left, choose Offices, and Friendly Ladies will give you a joke
zoom Shelf to get powder glue
back out, turn left, enter Cloakroom to get mop
back out, zoom Water Container and click to get water, then combine powder glue with water
back out, turn right, choose Children’s Library, then Children’s Library again to enter
choose Toys, then zoom Little Cute Crocodile, open to see camera battery, then pour glue on croc’s head to keep it open and retrieve battery
back out, choose Children’s Library arrow to the right and zoom Computer Desk to get stylish glasses
turn around to zoom Chest and get paint set
back to Children’s Library and turn right to see Librarian, give her the joke to get clever joke
back to Lobby, choose Internet Cafe and click Manager to find out about network
give Manager clever joke to get fantastic joke

turn right and give fantastic joke to Group of Girls to get student ID

choose Main Library, zoom Cabinet to get wrench, then choose Main Library again
zoom Desk to get scissors, then use scissors on mop
give student ID to Librarian, then use paint with mop, then stylish glasses with mop to complete your disguise
give student ID to Librarian again to get basement key
turn right, choose Lobby, turn right, choose Children’s Library then use key to Basement
zoom Camera, then insert battery and tape and watch Recording

choose Room, click Stand to get gloves
grab scalpel from counter on right
back out, turn left, choose Lobby
turn left, choose Store, click Store to get metal detector
back out, turn right, choose Exit
turn left, choose Linde Forest to add it to your map, then turn around and choose Bielanski Hospital to go back
turn left, choose Clinic, zoom Queue Number Device and click to get number 1
back out, choose To the Main Entrance, choose Lobby, and turn left to see Elderly Lady, then give her your number 1 to get needle and thread

choose Cafe Entrance, choose Jazz Cafe Interior, click People to add new park to map
turn right, zoom Table, click Cakes to get coffee, pie, fork and spoon
(side note: turn around to see creepy guy with cane is still there! but now he looks like he’s behind glass, so maybe it’s a wax figure? even creepier!)
back out, turn left, choose Main Entrance
look down from the pipe/fountain in front of you to zoom Drain
use fork on Drain to get gold chainlet, back out, turn right, choose Driveway
choose Church Entrance, Back of the Church, turn left and click Woman, then give gold chainlet to Woman to get plush bunny

turn around and choose Towards the Road, click Workers, then add strange herbs to the coffee and give it to them to get boots
back out, turn right, choose Path, click boots on The Duck Island
give pie to Mike the Duck to get nuclear reactor, then combine it with the metal detector

choose Playground, turn around and click Sandbox, then use metal detector on Sandbox, then spoon on Sandbox to get book

choose Main Library, give book to Librarian, turn right and go back to Lobby
turn right, choose Reading Room, Reading Room again
use scalpel on plush bunny, use needle and thread to create bunny slippers, use slippers on Opposite End of the Room and grab fake tan lotion
back out, turn right, choose Backroom, then Shelves and get Quark’s plans, which sends you to the Fort, but you can’t do anything there yet

zoom Grass on right, give tan lotion to Sunbathing Man

choose Lobby, turn right, choose Books, click Books to get 2 books

zoom Grass on right, give music book to Sunbathing Man

choose Cafe Entrance, choose Jazz Cafe Interior, click People to find you need to check your email

choose Main Library, then choose Backroom, then Shelves, Behind the Shelves and use network book on Network Cabinet
back out to Lobby, choose Computer at the internet cafe, then click computer to get your pass

use pass on Towards the Fort arrow
look down and to the right, click on Kayak to get crowbar
turn left and choose Towards the Buildings, then choose Buildings
zoom Interior, then Containers to get a water bottle
back out, choose the Buildings arrow pointing ahead
turn around, zoom Old Fuses, then use rubber gloves on Operational Fuses to get…. fuses!
back out, back to Buildings, then click Lamppost to insert fuses, then plug in your detector
click the Buildings arrow that points down to go back
turn around and choose Location of the District Key
back out, turn right and zoom Metal Tub, then zoom Faucet and use your wrench, zoom Hose and use your container
pour your water on the Door, then use crowbar

Cheers to zilifool for creating this absolutely amazing walkthrough!