Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last played such an amazing, complete and challenging escape the room game like Dare House Escape. However, since the game is so difficult, I have decided to share with you a walkthrough, a step by step guide to help you finish this great game. So if you are stuck somewhere or you simply wish to finish the game as soon as possible, check out the Dare House Escape walkthrough below!

Zoom on the pillow in the lower bed.
Click on it to get a key.
Zoom on the toy car on the floor to the left of the desk.
Click on the left part of it to turn it around and use the key in the keyhole.
Zoom on the lower right side of the desk and take the newspaper.
Click on the door to the right to enter the bathroom.
Zoom on the toilet to get a paper bit.
Click on the door to the left.
Turn left (navigation arrow in the lower left corner).
Zoom on the lowest part of the bookshelf to see a piggy bank, but leave it for now.
Time to solve the code for the panel by the door!
You need to open the newspaper from the inventory to get the code to work and there is where you get the hint for it. It isn’t logical at all…
When the right code is used, the door opens.
Zoom out and enter the next room.

Zoom on the upper painting and press the book in the hand. This makes the book move into the room on the other side of the wall.
Click on the second door from the right to open it and enter the Kitchen.
Click on the lower left corner of the locker below the stove to zoom. Get a cork from the floor.
There is an elevator to the left, and the switch in the back wall to the right of the elevator makes it move.
Zoom on the switch and click to make the elevator go up (you’ll need it up later on).
Click on the door in the back to open it and enter the Dining Room.
Click on the first chair to the left to zoom and get an acid bottle.
Go back to the kitchen and click to the left to go back to the main room.

Zoom on the left side of the stairs, above the grey safe to get a key.
Zoom on the closed door to the left.
Use the key from the stairs on the door to open.
It’s dark inside, so leave it for now.
Zoom on the right part of the stairs, and use the up arrow to go to the second floor.

Second Floor
Turn right (arrow in the middle of the sceen, to the right of the stairs).
4 doors here. The two left ones need codes and the third from the left will never be used.
You can also move left before the left door (navigation arrow below the ”hole in the wall”) to see a secret way.
Click on the right door to open and enter the Library.
Zoom on the clock and note the way the arms point.
Zoom on the books in the lowest shelf to the right.
Take the red book. The red book is only there after you click on the book in the upper painting downstairs.
Open the red book from inventory and turn the pages to see two scales.
Move the red arrows to the right numbers to get a key. Solution below.
Exit the library.
Go down and zoom on the door in front of the stairs.
Use the key from the red book to open.
Enter the Laboratory.
Get a piece of wood from the floor to the right of the cupboards by the back wall.
Get a finger print from the back right corner of the table.
Get a fuse from the front left corner of the desk.
Zoom on the floor by the lower left side of the table to get a fuse wire.
Click on the fuse in your inventory to open it, and put the fuse wire on the top part of it.
Exit the laboratory and go downstairs.

Click on the door in the right corner to zoom on a scanner.
Use the finger print on the scanner to open the door.
Zoom out and click on the door to enter the Garage.
Get 2 pieces of wood from the floor below the shelves.
Click below the lower left corner of the car window to zoom on the left side of the car. Get a petrol can.
Click under the door of the car, to the right of the wheel, to zoom and get a metal piece.
Zoom on the stairs and zoom once more on the right side of the steps (on the ”wall of the railing”).
Get an L-shaped rod.
Turn right (using the navigation arrow in the upper right corner).
Click on the switch to put it in UP position.
Put your fuse (with fuse wire on) to the right, where a fuse is missing.
Turn the switch to DOWN position.
This makes the lights turn on in the dark room by the stairs.
Click down and then left to exit the garage.

Enter the door to the left of the stairs. The lights are now turned on.
Get a piece of wood from the floor to the right of the tall cupboard.
Open the left of the three smaller lockers by the back wall to get another piece of wood.
Zoom on the hole, on top of the right side of the low cupboard by the back wall. Get a rope.
Zoom on the glass cover in the cupboard to the right.
Use the L-shaped rod to break the glass and get a key.
Go down to exit this room.

Enter the kitchen through the second door to the right.
Zoom on the small cupboard on the wall in the upper right corner.
Use the key that you got from breaking the glass cupboard to open the door and get a candle.
Go upstairs again.

Second Floor
You are now going to get a code to open the left of the four doors by doing things in the laboratory.
Enter the laboratory.
Zoom on the basin (the grey ”bowl/tray”) by the back wall.
Click to the right of it to see it from outside.
Put the cork in the hole.
Click on the left side of it to see it from inside again.
Use your acid bottle to pour acid into the basin.
Put the steel piece in the acid.
Click on the right side of the basin again and click to remove the cork.
Look inside the basin and take the steel piece.
Click on the steel piece in your inventory to see a number: 236.
Exit the laboratory.
Move right.

Zoom on the left door.
Enter the number from the steel piece to unlock the door.
This only works after you have opened the steel piece with the number from your inventory.
Click to enter the Bed Room.
There should be an elevator to the left with a key on top. If not, you need to go down to the kitchen and press the white switch in the back wall to make the elevator go up.
Zoom on the elevator and take the key.
Zoom on the drawers in the top part of the cupboard to the right.
Open the drawer to get a lighter.
Open the candle from the inventory and use the lighter on the candle to make it burn.
Go downstairs.

Click on the door to the far left to go back to the first room.
Zoom on the lower shelf to the right of the couch to see the piggy bank.
Use the candle on the piggy.
Use the L-shaped rod to break the piggy and get a hook.
Go back into the main room below the stairs, the through the far right door to the garage.
Click on the far right window of the car to see a view from inside it.
Use the hook to unlock the carsafe and get a key.
Go back upstairs.

Second Floor
Turn right and enter the Bed Room (door to the left).
Zoom on the cupboard to the right and use the key from the carsafe to open it.
Zoom on the clothes to get a note book.
Click on the square in the bottom part of the wardrobe to zoom.
Click again to open a secret locker and get a briefcase.
Open the briefcase from inventory and use the key from the elevator on it to get 5 photographic plates.
Open the notebook to read two pages with equations.
Exit the Bed Room and use the first page in the notebook to get the code for the second door from the left. Solution below.

When the door is open, enter into another bedroom.
Zoom on the upper side of the bed to get a belt.
Click on the picture on the right wall to zoom on it.
It’s all dark, but if you use your candle on the picture you see three numbers there.
Leave the room and move downstairs.

Zoom on the grey safe under the stairs.
Move the grey ”handles” of the wheels and place them in the correct positions, and enter a 3-digit number code in the lower right corner to open the safe. Solution below.
When the safe opens you see a clock with the time 6:15.
Zoom out and zoom on the clock.
Move the short arm to 6 (30) and the long arm to 3 (15) and make sure they sticks there (you might need to move them a little at a time to find the exact spots).
Zoom out.
The lower painting changes, zoom on it.
Click on the eyes of the man in the painting to get a sheet.

Zoom on the round know/ball (newel post) on the railing halfway up the stairs.
Click on it to turn it around.
Remember the secret way upstairs?
The turning of the knob makes a painting appear there.

Second Floor
Turn right and then left, into the secret way that now has a painting.
Place the sheet you got from the painting downstairs in the square in the right door in the painting.
The painting moves to reveal five code panels.
Click down twice and enter the laboratory.
Zoom on the ray machine to the left on the table.
Press the switch to turn it on.
Place one of your photographic plates on the machine to see five numbers.
Leave the plate on the machine and go to the code panels in the secret way.
Use the number from the plate on the panels. You have to try it on all the panels until you find the right one. When correct the red lamp should be turned on to show a red light. This only works when the photographic plate is still on the ray machine.
Do the same for the other four photographic plates (click on the used plate to remove it first) until you have a red shining light on all the panels.

The wall should now disappear and reveal a deep hole instead.
Click inside the hole and then throw all of your five pieces of wood down there.
Use the petrol can in the hole (on the lower/middle part of the view).
Use your burning candle in the hole (on the lower part of the back wall).
Click on the belt in the inventory to open it.
Add the rope to the belt.
Use the belt/rope in the hole and click one more time to escape.

This complete and amazing walkthrough for Dare House Escape is republished with permission from its author, Ellie from EG24.