trampolineToday’s free game is Trampoline, a pretty strange yet very addictive game you can play for five minutes or five hours in a row… depending how bored you are. Because, yes, it’s not really a game to play if you have many other options. But at least you can try it. It’s free!

Developed by Walaber, an indie company that loves creating unusual simulation, Trampoline is, as the title subtly suggests, an action trampoline simulation game that uses a powerful physics simulation engine to create the most realistic 3D trampoline game. I doubt that the last part is hard to achieve, though, since this is the only “trampoline simulation” game I’ve ever heard of.

Still, as I said, Trampoline is quite entertaining, at least for a while and even a little complicated: using no less than seven buttons you will control the character jumping on the trampoline and perform various moves and tricks to get a score as high as possible and impress the audience.

The game also features a bunch of unlockables and even and even an Internet multiplayer feature, so from this point of view, it’s quite an offer! Even the visuals are decent for a free game, so go ahead and give it a try following the download link.