aztaka-screenshotI have just now heard about this great action-RPG game Aztaka, developed by the indie dev Citeremis. However, I am glad I found out about it, since it is indeed a game that might take the world by storm and impress the fans of the genre.

Inspired by Aztec legends, Aztaka will put players in the shoes of Huitzilo, heir of the Sun God, and will sent them in the middle of an intense conflict between gods and mankind. And yes, it’s up for you to save the day, after going through a lot of challenges.

Aztaka comes with 21 levels, a challenging but simple to use spell system, lots of items to gain in combat or purchase from shops, skills and abilities that can be trained and much, much more, including the power to manipulate spiritual energy to solve mysteries and vanquish your enemies!

As you can see in the trailer below, Aztaka really seems to be a high quality action-RPG, maybe a bit too casual for the most hardcore fans, but clearly one hell of an independent project, one with great graphics and fast gameplay. The game is available through Direct2Drive today, but before starting the search, check out the trailer below:


  1. I really enjoyed discovering beautiful and exciting world of Aztaka. True revelation for me, it has great action and mindbreaking quests and puzzles to solve. Art and music are just fantastic. True epic story!
    I recommend it honestly!


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