now-boardingIndie developer Gabob LLC has just released the 1.2 update for Now Boarding, a very fun time management game (or action-tycoon, as the official description states). The update fixes a few problems with the original Now Boarding, making the overall experience a much more pleasant one.

Here are the things you’ll be glad to see now thanks to the 1.2 Update:
– The game now runs smoothly even when gameplay gets hectic
– The Caribbean, a new map, has been introduced. Here, some cities are huge and expensive, but many of the small islands are cheap – you’ll need a totally new strategy to approach this map
– New interface feature – players can now see which cities are growing or shrinking at the end of a month. When passengers from a city stay happy, that city will grow, bringing more customers.
– Also, Gabob promise that all the reported bugs are now fixed!

Now Boarding is available for download for $14.99, but you can also get a demo from the official website.