The fine folks at Humble Bundle are at it again, producing another partnership with a singular studio in the same style as their THQ bundles. This time they are partnering with the creative folks at Tim Schafer’s Double Fine. You can donate any amount of money you want to get the first three games in the bundle.

Those games are the cute role-playing game Costume Quest, the trippy platformer Psychonauts, and the inventive puzzle game Stacking. If you donate more than the current average, you will get the heavy metal themed hack ‘n slash RTS Brutal Legend starring Jack Black. On top of that, donating more than $35 will get you a copy of Double Fine’s record breaking Kickstarter game Broken Age when it releases. Finally, paying over $70 will get you a Double Fine t-shirt.

Like most previous Humble Bundles, all of the games in the bundle will work on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You will also get digital versions of the soundtracks for some of the games in the bundle. And of course, paying over $1 will get you Steam codes for all of the games in the bundle, should you rather have the games on your Steam library instead of the DRM-free direct download from Humble Bundle’s website.

This Humble Bundle will be available only for the next two weeks, so if you are interested in donating to good causes and getting some excellent games in return as a thank you gift, you should head over to Humble Bundle’s website.

[Source: Humble Bundle]