Sony’s big indie drive continues with the launch of a new indie focused category on the PlayStation Store.  The new category will offer a place where users can easily find all the indie games available on both the PS3 and VITA. It’s not only a positive for the consumers, but also for the indie developers themselves. Having a centralized and easy to locate section filled with indie games will make discovery a lot easier, leading to more sales.

The announcement was made in a post on the PlayStation Blog from SCEE Director of Publisher and Development Relations Andrew Parsons.  “It’s an opportunity to showcase the best of these great games for PS3 and PS Vita – and for this to be constantly refreshed with the latest releases and promotions.” Said Parsons “I’m delighted that the indie devs have really taken advantage of how open PlayStation is to this tremendous mix of designs and ideas”

The PlayStation Store is the home to some of the greatest indie titles of the last few years, with games such as Journey and The Unfinished Swan being exclusive to the platform. In recent months Sony has worked hard to bring successful PC indie games such as Hotline Miami and Thomas Was Alone to the PlayStation ecosystem.

In celebration of the launch of the new indie game category on the PS Store, Retro City Rampage receives a 50% discount.