If you want to go the easy route with Deus Ex: Human Revolution and skip the hacking process of doors and locks and get inside using key codes, you can easily do so in some cases using Key Codes (or Hacking codes, call them as you wish) that will get you inside in  jiffy. I am here to share with you these Hacking Codes for locks in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but do have in mind that if you choose this way, you will not the XP you’d otherwise receive for hacking the locks!

Sarif Plant Bomb Code – 1505
Sarif HQ Helipad Storage – 8053
Sarif HQ Mike Pine Office – 4145
Sarif HQ Frieda Malik Office – 5475
Sarif HQ Ted Bruger Office – 9642
Sarif HQ Denzel Mitchell Office – 1364
Detroit PD Storage Locker – 1904
Detroit PD Security System – 6542

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