Yesterday, THQ officially confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version of Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon was canned because of some “development issues” and everybody believed that the game became another one in the series of “multiplatform gone wild: Xbox 360 exclusives”. It was wrong.

Apparently, just the American version of the game encountered development problems: the Europeans will still get Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon on PlayStation 3 consoles, as well as Xbox 360s.

A company representative confirmed the news to Yahoo Games: “Destroy all Humans: Path of the Furon will be released on both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 formats on February 13th 2009 across Europe,” the spokesperson said.

So, even though the game is not an Xbox exclusive in Europe at least, we still find the decision to cancel the North American release of the PS3 version quite strange. Since the game is being developed by the same company for both US and European markets, the previously mentioned development issues are certainly not the reason for the cancellation. So… what do you think? What could be the real reason?