Just as promised in our previous GTA IV news, we have a great video tutorial for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto for PC Video Editor feature (also presented in the highly addictive Get Sprunk commercial). Also, another smoking hot video runs to our Video Watch feature: Sonic Unleashed, the launch cinematic! So grab the popcorn and press play!

Sonic Unleashed comes with an exciting new storyline where day and night play drastically different roles. In the game, players will find that Dr. Eggman continues on his mission for domination, but this time he’s upped the stakes by causing a catastrophic event that breaks apart the world and unleashes a slumbering beast that alters Sonic in unexpected ways. It is up to Sonic to use his newfound abilities to connect the remnants of a shattered world by finding the lost chaos emeralds. So if you’re curious to see this “newfound ability” and feel the supersonic excitement, watch the launch video for Sonic Unleashed for Wii and PS2 below.

Also, for the movie director wannabe, we have a brand new tutorial straight from the Rockstar “film studios” on how to use the hot feature in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV – but you already know that from our previous (text only) GTA Video Editor “how to”. Of course, we shot no old lady in the making…


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