ps4 change hdd how toSony has detailed some of the new features being added in the PS4’s next system update, which will introduce the SHAREfactory app and pre-loading games.

Sony announced that Update 1.70 will introduce an auto pre-download capability for the console. This means that you can pre-download your pre-ordered games “up to several days prior to release” before being unlocked on release day. If the auto-download feature is already active, the console will automatically download them.

Similar to Upload Studio on Xbox One, the SHAREfactory app is a video editor which allows you to customise your gameplay videos by combining clips, editing them down and personalising them through use of stickers and text, amongst other things before sharing them with your friends and onto social networks. If you have a PlayStation Camera you can also record your own commentary.

Another extra being added is the ability to import your own music to your videos and create your own soundtrack.

This new app is working alongside the other new feature, which allows you to export your videos to a USB device. There are a number of improvements being added to the sharing system, such as changing the recording time of your gameplay to shorter periods, being able to choose who you share your video with and removing default saves for screenshots and video clips.

In a move that will please many, Update 1.70 will allow you to switch off HDCP, meaning that you can now record directly from your HDMI output.

There is no word yet on when it will be released, just that it will be coming ‘soon’