A fun little escape the room train game, Death Train Escape can get a little tricky. Fortunately, I have managed to find a walkthrough for the game, a complete and well written step by step guide that will certainly help you beat the game as fast as possible, before the bomb explodes. So if you’re searching for the Death Train Escape walkthrough, here it is:

1. Find all 4 letters around the first room. They are on the clock, on the right hand side, above the door, and on the ‘tool box’ near the door.
2. Get the suitcase from the upper left hand side. Also get the access card from the window pull on the left hand side.
3. Click on the suitcase, it opens a new window. Type in the letters(the word is help but you must find all the letters in order for it to work). Get the book from the suitcase.
4. Near the door there is a code box. Note the color above where the numbers go. In the book, flip the pages until you get to that color’s page, enter the code. After entering the yellow code, slide the access card and go through the door.
5. In the next room, grab the book from the hay stack and the box from the top of the stack of boxes near the door. Click on the right hand side to get to the time bomb. Open the box and take out the tools. Open the book to see how to deactivate the bomb.
6. Once the bomb is stopped, go through the door. Click on the room on the left hand side. You will see a pillow on the shelf. Click on it and get the key. REMEMBER TO GO TO THIS ROOM FIRST! ONCE YOU GET TO THE DRIVER CAB THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!
7. Go back and click the controls to enter the driver cab. Click all three switches on the right hand side, then click the left brake lever. Use the key on the door that says power room. You will see a bunch of cut wires and a guide in the top left corner. Use the guide and note which wires connect to which. Go back to the wires and connect them correctly by clicking the end of one and then the end of the one it goes to. When they are connected, drag the tape up to secure them. This might take a few tries(a bug maybe?) but be patient.
8. Once they are connected, go back and click on the brake again.

Cheers to StarbossaW13 for the great walkthrough!