You wouldn’t believe that getting stuck in a boutique might be a pain in the arse, but apparently it is and you have to escape. Boutique Escape is a challenging title and if you get stuck, you don’t have to worry since I have for you a Boutique Escape walkthrough, a step by step solution to get you out as fast as possible. Just read on, follow the steps and enjoy!

– Zoom on the flower where the bee flies around. Click on the switch in the wall and wait for the bee to get the key for you.
– Zoom on the cup of coffee. Take the earring from the left side of the cup.
– Turn right. Zoom on the small blue table to the right of the couch. Use the key to open it and get scissors and a hammer.
– Zoom on the jewels on the back wall. Find the earring that looks like the one you have and use the hammer on the glass in front of it (middle row, second from left).
– Place your earring to the right of the one behind the broken glass. Take the pink key when the earrings slide away.
– Turn left. Zoom on the middle part of the cupboard to the right. Use the pink key to open and get a gift box.
– Click on the gift box in the inventory and use the scissors on it (in the pop-up window). Get thread.
– Turn right. Zoom on the tailoring machine in the lower left corner. Put the thread on the top right part of the machine.
– Click on the dark gray square on the lower right side of the machine to open it and get a battery and gold coins.
– Zoom on the doll to the left of the couch. Place the gold coins in her right hand. Get fish food from her.
– Turn left. Zoom on the fish bowl and pour the fish food in it. Get a ring from the neck of the fish.
– Zoom twice on the chair behind the counter. Use the ring on the gray circle on the right side of the armrest. Get half of a photo. Zoom out twice.
– Zoom on the fan to the left on the counter. Click on the small grey square on the lower right side of the fan to open it. Insert the battery and press the round button.
– Get pieces of a photo (comes into your inventory automatically when the fan is turned on). Click on a piece to open a pop-up window. Drag the pieces into it.
– Solve the puzzle. You need to find the right spots to place the pieces. They should stick there when you put them right. The piece with the eye is in the middle of the picture.
– When you have half of a baby, drag the other half of a photo into the left side of the baby to get a whole picture.
– Turn left. Zoom on the empty frame on the right side of the door. Place the photo in the frame to get a key.
– Zoom on the door and use the key to escape. Congratulations!

Thanks to Ellie over at eg24 for allowing us to republish her great solution for Boutique Escape!