crash-commandoCrash Commando is a side scrolling action game developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It was developed by Epos and published by Sony. The game was released on December 18, 2008 and it is available for download from the PlayStation Store. Below you will find a full list of Trophies for Crash Commando.


First Mission (Bronze): Play an Objectives mission online for the first time.
Probie Commando (Bronze): Reach commando level 5.
Mission Handler (Bronze): Host games with a combined session playtime of 1 hour.
Demolition Expert (Bronze): Destroy 20 control panels.
Hacker (Bronze): Upload 20 blocks of data.
Weapons 101 (Bronze): Get 20 kills with each of the six primary weapons.
Globe Trotter (Bronze): Play a complete game on every map online.
Elite Commando (Silver): Reach commando level 15.
Boot Camp Beast (Silver): Complete all Grunt and Jarhead Boot Camp missions with a Commando Medal score.
Crash And Conquer (Silver): Win 20 online games.
Survival Of The Fittest (Silver): Have all three survival bonuses activated at the same time in an online game 10 times.
Crash Commando (Gold): Reach commando level 25.