Marvelous Games and Daylight Studios released today Conquest Age, a new action RPG title for iOS. In this game set in the world-spanning regions of the Dracon Peninsula, the West meets the East in a ruthless battle for dominance and players’ goal is to unite this divided land. Don Sim, CEO at Daylight Studios, claimed that it has been a long journey but it’s a work the company is proud of:

Conquest Age is a game we have put our all into; we worked tirelessly to create a game that we could be proud of. It has been a long process of refinement and improvements to make the game as good and rewarding as it can possibly be for players. We are very excited to finally be unleashing our game to the world!

Check the trailer here:

Conquest Age has three warrior classes, each one with its own own skill trees allowing a great level of customization. Players can use practically any weapon type but different builds favor certain weapons more than others. Combining skills and weapons will be a challenge for players to take and strategically apply in battle. To unveil the heroes of this realm, Conquest Age has a global leaderboard, where each players had a ranking: “Battle effectiveness is immediately evident, as each player is ranked on a global leaderboard or against their Facebook friends.”