Well, all that hardcore farming that you did all these years is finally going to pay off in FarmVille as Zynga has introduced Leaderboards to the game, where you will get a chance to prove that you are the hardest working farmer and also earn some really sweet rewards and boosts. And I am here to tell you everything about the leaderboards in FarmVille and how they work.

Basically, the leaderboards will challenge us with simple tasks (quests) that we have to repeat over and over again in order to gain points – the more points we have and the higher we place on the boards, the better the rewards we get.

For example, the first task that we have to complete for the first ever Leaderboard reward is Rainbow Harvest Fest which is available for 7 days and challenges us to harvest as many Rainbow crops as possible within this time period.

You get points for performing the task and there are two sets of prizes to be won: one set of any three prizes can be won by reaching a milestone (a specific number of points, which is easier and anybody can get that) and the top prizes that only the three best farmers will get and these are impressive boosts.

So all in all, the Leaderboards in FarmVille are a way to reward you even more for performing tasks that you would perform anyway. It just can’t get any better!