FarmVille is celebrating the Wildlife Adventure with a countdown of prizes and is offering an impressive set of 12 rewards for players who log in daily. Plus a mega-prize, the Ankole Watusie Cattle. But I am sure you are curious to know everything about the Wildlife Adventure Countdown in FarmVille and the list of prizes that you can win, so check out the rewards below.

Please note that as it was the case with other countdowns in FarmVille, your goal will be that of getting the required number of items in order to unlock the reward. If you can’t, you should buy them for Farm Cash. Below are the required items too:

Day 1: Grey Wolf (3 Journals)
Day 2: Duoc Langur Monkey (4 Animal guide)
Day 3: Dancing Cobra (5 Tree Guides)
Day 4: Cypress Sculpted Tree (6 Tilley Hats)
Day 5: Javan Hawk Eagle (6 Waters)
Day 6: Black Rhino (6 Insect Repellents)
Day 7: Peregrine Falcon (8 Boots)
Day 8: Red Cassia Tree (8 Telescopes)
Day 9: Caraboo (10 Tents)
Day 10: Jungle Fowl (10 Sleeping Bags)
Day 11: Merlion Fountain (12 Explorer Shirts)
Day 12: Canopy Elephant (12 Explorer Jackets)

And, as I said, if you get all these 12 rewards, you will receive a bonus item, the Ankole Watusie Cattle. Good luck with the Wildlife Adventure Countdown in FarmVille!