Well, it’s time to be really helpful in FarmVille with the release of the latest quest series, Help Truffles Regain Her Fame. The name says it all about the story introduced by this new series of missions, so I will skip that and get straight to the important part: the actual requirements and rewards for completing the new missions. Check out all the details below and have fun completing the new FarmVille quests!

Sign Away! mission
– Get 4 Truffles Autographs
– Harvest 50 Tomatoes
– Harvest the Horse Paddock Twice
Rewards: 125 XP, Swooning Pig and 2,500 Farm Coins

Rolling in Style mission
– Get 6 Limo Vouchers
– Harvest 75 Mint
– Harvest the Swooning Pig
Rewards: 150 XP, Truffles Limo and 3,000 Farm Coins

Pig-a, Pig-arazzi mission
– Get 8 Pigarazzi Photos
– Harvest 100 Eggplants
– Harvest the Aviary Twice
Rewards: 175 XP, 3 Turbo Chargers and 3,500 Farm Coins

The Bodyguards mission
– Get 9 Elephant Bodygaurds
– Harvest 125 Peanuts
– Master the Swooning Pig to 1-Star
Rewards: 200 XP, Bodyguard Elephant and 4,000 Farm Coins

Entourage mission
– Get 9 Entourage Members
– Harvest 150 Peppers
– Craft an Arborist
Rewards: 225 XP, Entourage Turtle and 4,500 Farm Coins

On the Cover mission
– Get 9 Magazine Interviews
– Harvest 150 Sunflowers
– Harvest the Entourage Turtle
Rewards: 250 XP, Book of XP and 5,000 Farm Coins

When Pigs… Sing? mission
– Get 10 Truffle CDs
– Harvest 150 Red Tulips
– Harvest the Pet Run Twice
Rewards: 275 XP, DJ Orangutan and 5,500 Farm Coins

A Life of Swine mission
– Get 11 Truffles
– Harvest 150 Soybean
– Harvest the DJ Orangutan
Rewards: 300 XP, 3 Farm Hands and 6,000 Farm Coins

An Adoring Fanbase mission
– Get 12 Truffle Fans
– Harvest 150 Pineapples
– Master the Entourage Turtle to 1-Star
Rewards: 325 XP, Truffles and 6500 Farm Coins

Good luck and have fun completing the Help Truffles Regain Her Fame missions in FarmVille!