Zynga has decided to introduce a brand new feature in Cityville today: Taxis. They come with a complete set of missions that we have to complete (and I have the guide for them here): the Taxi Stand missions. I will also share with you all the details about the Taxis themselves in this article, so let’s check out all the details about the Taxi feature in CityVille.

We’ll start with the missions that we have to complete, as they basically walk us through the entire feature:

Take the Wheel mission
– Place and Complete Taxi Stand
– Get 12 Taxi Receipts
– Use Taxis to instant collect from a business
Reward: Hailing Taxi

Upgrade the Dispatch mission
– Upgrade Taxi Stand to Level 2
– Instantly Collect from 12 Businesses
– Get 40 Taxi Receipts
Reward: Taxi Stand decoration

Let’s Shift Gears mission
– Upgrade Taxi Stand to Level 3
– Instant Collect from 24 Businesses
– Harvest 18 Corn
Reward: 100 XP

Now back to the Taxi Stand itself: it is a new building that you will have to complete first before being allowed to use it. Here are the requirements for the Taxi Stand in CityVille:

– 6 Taxi Licenses
– 6 Glass Dividers
– 6 CB Radios
– 6 Fare Meters
– 6 Taxi Rooftop Signs

Once you have the taxi stand ready, you will notice that taxis will appear randomly on the streets in your city. When you see a taxi, you can click it and then select a highlighted business, fro which you will be allowed to collect the revenue for no energy cost at all.

But the amount of times you can use taxis to collect from businesses is limited to three per day and if you decide to upgrade the Taxi Stand, you can collect 5 times daily, which means that you basically gain a little bit of extra interaction in CityVille, as well as 5 free energy. I guess we should take it!