Now that you have the Stock Exchange office in CityVille and you’ve learned how to have it going and use it to make some extra profits, it’s time to further your experience with this feature and complete a new set of missions related to the Stock Exchange, the A Beautiful Day missions. I am here to share with you all the details below, so check out the requirements!

A Beautiful Day! mission
– Place and complete the Earnhart Residence
– Collect from 30 Neighbor Businesses
– Harvest 40 Sunflowers
Rewards: 100 XP and 8 energy

Live Large! mission
– Collect from Lowery Lofts or Modern Lofts
– Collect from King of the Seas Cruise Ships
– Have a Level 3 Bank
Rewards: 12 energy and 1,000 Premium Goods

Charitable Patron! mission
– Collect from Premium Buinesses
– Upgrade a College Library to Level 2
– Collect from a Level 3 Bookstore
Rewards: Hadwick House

Good luck completing the A Beautiful Day missions in CityVille and getting that Hadwick House!