I am sure that you would love to get a new chance of turning regular goods into premium ones in CityVille and this is exactly what the Packaging Plant will allow you to do in the Downtown area of CityVille. I am here to share with you a complete guide to the Packaging Plant in CityVille, so read on if you want to be the first to find everything about this new feature.

First of all, the Packaging Plant will be introduced by a brand new mission in the game, Workin’ for Peanuts, with the following requirements:

– Place and Build the Packaging Plant
– Achieve Level 1 Mastery with Peanuts
– Start Worker Bee Wanda’s Job

Building the Packaging facility itself won’t be an easy task, as you will have to ask for some items from your neighbors. Here is the stuff that you must gather:

Finally, after completing the Packaging Plant, you will be able to start jobs from the building’s menu, jobs that will turn regular goods into Premium ones. Even more, if you manage to convince your friends to join in time, you will make more premium goods than the regular ones that you had to spend:

Good luck completing the Packaging Plant in CityVille and make sure that you use it often!