In the Downtown area of CityVille, you can now expand to the Trucking Depot area where you can get a chance to increase your production of Premium Goods. But first you will have to complete three new missions in the Trucking series (only available in Downtown), and I am here to share with you all the details about these new missions. Check them out below!

Set Up Shop! mission
– Collect 30 Shoe Boxes
– Collect from 30 London Shipping Liners
– Supply 40 Premium Businesses
Rewards: 300,000 coins and 100 XP

It’s All Adding Up! mission
– Collect from Downtown Newspaper Office 5 Times
– Collect from 150 Trucks
– Supply Betty’s Beauty Boutique 6 Times (you can get it in the store for close to 1 million coins, or for free if you expand to it)
Rewards: 200 XP and 5,000 Premium Goods

Tickle Your Fancy! mission
– Collect 50 Fancy Clothes
– Build the Gandel Art Gallery
– Increase Downtown Value to 12,000 Points
Rewards: Pizzera Apartments (new business)

As you can see, we can probably say that the Trucking missions in CityVille are some of the most difficult missions that we had to complete in the game for some time now. But at least they keep the challenge levels high and the rewards are also really nice and make the whole thing worthwhile.