command-and-conquer4teaserElectronic Arts decided to finally confirm Command & Conquer 4, after everybody else on the planet knew about the game’s existence: there was first a survey hinting at it and then EA UK spilled the beans on Twitter… However, today it’s all official: Command & Conquer 4 is indeed in the works and doesn’t seem to add too many extra things into play. One company can only do so much when it comes to a genre…

First of all, it’s worth noting that Command & Conquer 4 will be the last game in the franchise, which should boost up the sales a little. The story will take us in 2062, in a world that is almost entirely devastated by the Tiberium. The GDI and the Brotherhood of not will have to work together now, but a lot of twists and turns will certainly take place throughout the game.

Amongst the new features in Command & Conquer, we will have the mobile bases – mentioned in the survey already – as well as class-based games and persistent player progression throughout all game modes, five-on-five multiplayer and co-op play.

Gamespot also has the first screenshot from the game, plus the impressive detail that there will be no DRM in C&C4. Also, the Gamespot story says that the last game in the Command and Conquer saga will have a subtitle – one that will be decided by the players. But since it’s just “sometime in 2010” when the game will be released, we’ll have more details at a later date.