fifa-manager10-screenshotI did consider FIFA Manager 09 a huge improvement to the series and it seems that Electronic Arts keeps up with the good work, preparing even more improvements and additions for FIFA Manager 10 which now seems to be quite capable of taking the crown Football Manager rightfully owned for so many years.

Of course, until that happens we still need to see the promised features in action, but they do sound impressive. Here are some of the new features you should expect to see in FIFA Manager 10:

– for the first time in the franchise, EA adds LAN and online play, which is probably the most important addition!
– Deeper AI, player development
– In-game presentation and financing
– Brand new features like FIFA World Player Gala, an almanac with team photos and squads, the revised game website, the manager diary in which the player can collect photos of cups, stadiums and players, and the new “stadium infrastructure” where players can fine tune details of their facilities
– The 3D mode has been expanded by several hundred new animations and is now based on the latest FIFA 09 animation system
– FIFA MANGER 10 supports resolutions of up to 1920×1200 now, and the player’s manager desktop is individually customizable with up to 30 widgets and more than 50 desktop objects.

Also, there will be 40 international leagues present in the game, as well as a database of 31,000 players, which should be enough even for the most experienced and demanding players. So we can say that indeed we’re hotly anticipating FIFA Manager 10, the game that could prove to be the best in the franchise. Let’s just hope the Bright Future and Electronic Arts will manage to do a great job!