soccer statistics’ top choices for the best soccer statistics apps are detailed in this article. In the soccer statistics app space, we tried to pick several apps that cater to various requirements. ufabet provides you the options of Apps to get info on soccer gaming in 2022.

These apps are all fantastic and well valuable to download and install. We chose these soccer statistics apps based on their excellent performance in one of the following groups:

  • The User Experience
  • Basic Capabilities
  • Inventive solution

The list is ordered by a combination of review ratings and the number of reviews. We have done our best to eliminate apps with fake comments, but if you come across one, please send us an email.

Soccer Statistics Tracker

During this launch month, all new customers can get the Soccer Stats Tracker for free! The statics tracking system will minimize your load of work (by more than 50 %) and improve group expertise and information (6x better cooperation of team skills).

Soccer Stats Tracker is much more than just statistics; it allows mentors to focus on playing while providing actionable information to (a) help your team enhance and (b) help your participants and family members celebrate accomplishments and skills! The app is currently available for free for all customers who want an easy, yet advanced statistics tool for soccer players. You can get valuable information on the บาคาร่า site page.

Schools and parents going to look to assist their team will understand the following characteristics:

* Unrestricted game monitoring (lifetime free, for users installing this month)

* An unlimited number of team coaches to assist you in controlling the team

  • Sophisticated statistics that are collected directly (e.g., “Passes Apprehended,” “Brief Passes,” and several others) * Two-touch simple start capturing

Soccer Stats Lite

Targets, Helps, Chances to Score (SOG), Dunks, Fouls, Cards, Freekicks (CK), and Saves will be monitored for up to 25 matches to play in this soccer statistics app. Six highly customizable buttons allow you to create your statistics.

Long To rapidly sub IN/OUT, click on the player Symbols. See all eleven players on the computer monitor for fast stat granting. To make corrections, switch the + toggle to – and decrease the data set entered incorrectly. Purchase the paid version to unlock the full version

Show the names of players next to the player symbols. Support for importing and exporting Team Lineup files. In the Preferences menu, select Portrait or Landscape as the screen display.

The ability to rename the CKs, Saves, tries to steal, C2, C3, C4, C5, and C6 icons. It will also keep track of how much time a player spends on the match. Get more details to visit the info page.

Live Soccer TV: Scores & Stats

The Live Soccer TV app is the iPhone and Android platform for, a soccer news site that has been researching and curating international broadcast listings, soccer television rights, fittings, score updates, statistics, and soccer news since 2004.

Live Soccer TV broadcasts live football scores, lineups, stats, tournament occurrences, live text analysis, and social media posts for soccer games. On the news page, you can keep up with world and current events.

Live Soccer TV provides all telecast listings across all accessible programs to help you watch live soccer: TV, streaming live, OTT, radio, on-demand, TV retransmits, and other pertinent software. You can also access channel information and learn more about the channels, broadcast networks, and OTT to access more information in your area.

Each soccer channel includes a list of household TV rights by sports estate as well as expands new information such as broadcast quality and channel companies.

Total score — Football Prediction and soccer stats

The total score is a soccer data processing app that offers great football forecasts, live soccer scores, and goal corner information sheets for all-league teams in over 190 countries worldwide.

The total score gives precise football forecasts. On average, the system produces less than ten tips each day. the total score also provides a complete dataset that contains all aspects of a game.

Data: – Live streaming of football events such as goals, corners, card numbers, and threats, as well as shots. Comprehensive Odds, Asian Severe disability, Goal Line segments, and Edge Lines background, both in pre-match and in-play time frames.

Extra statistics include a league table for edges, statistics for the last 10 minutes of edges, and so on. The system produces Football Soccer Tips based on Big Data evaluation. ufabet is the best source of soccer betting data.