alien-breed-evolutionThe younger gamers probably associate Team 17’s name with the Worms franchise, but the developers actually have a long history with making games. Such a long one that they have actually decided to revive some of the older Amiga games, like the Alien Breed series. And that is something that will certainly make a few gamers happy!

Big Download reports that the new, revived and revamped game will be titled Alien Breed Evolution and it will use the Unreal Engine 3 to deliver the visuals. As you can see in the screenshot above, the title will be a top down shooter and will certainly be entertaining – I say that even though no extra details are known at the moment. However, those who have played the original Alien Breen certainly have some fond memories.

Alien Breed Evolution will be published by Team 17 themselves and it will be offered via digital download, which seems to be a pretty wise move if we are to consider that the series was one step close to revival about five years ago, but the project got canned because the developers didn’t find a publisher for their title. Certainly this new one is of a much better quality and gamers will love it. Yes, I really have high hopes invested in this title!