command-and-conquer-3-imageThe fact that Command & Conquer 4 is in the works is no longer a big surprise – especially since Electronic Arts had a survey regarding the C&C4 features. However, things are a bit more clear now – including the fact that a complete official confirmation (and a press statement) are coming pretty soon. All thanks to a poor PR person working at the EA UK offices.

That aforementioned person (whose name is obviously unknown) has posted on Electronic Arts’ Twitter the following:

“New Release: EA LOS ANGELES ANNOUNCES DEVELOPMENT OF COMMAND & CONQUER 4” and posted the link to a press statement. Statement that doesn’t exist. Because, yes, the game wasn’t supposed to be announced yet.

Now the aforementioned Twit no longer exists (but Joystiq still has the proof of it) and I am really curious if the PR person exists as a EA UK employee. Hopefully yes.

Either way, one thing is getting clear: Electronic Arts are preparing the announcement of Command & Conquer 4, so keep visiting the Unigamesity for the full details as soon as EA releases them to the public. I promise I’ll act surprised!