CityVille, Zynga’s Most Successful Launch to Date

CityVille, Zynga’s Most Successful Launch to Date

The launch of CityVille, Zynga’s latest social game, represents the first game released in months by the company who launched FrontierVille in June. It appears that the wait or simply Zynga’s experience mattered a lot here since the company reports that CityVille is the most successful launch to date.

In other words, in the first 24 hours from launch, CityVille was played by 240,000 players, while the number of active players continued to grow steadily, reaching almost 1 million users. Even more interesting is the fact that this growth comes after close to 0 advertising of the game on Facbook (CityVille doesn’t even appear on the list of Zynga games in the tab above the play screen!)

If you want to compare the launch of CityVille with the previous two hits of Zynga, Treasure Isle and FrontierVille, it’s worth noting that the first only had around 150,000 players after 4 days, while Frontierville was nearing 500,000. So one million this early should be considered a major success!

What do you think about CityVille? Have you played the game yet?